Subsea Pumps & Subsea Systems

Complete range of pumps to meet market requirements

Our single-phase design can deliver up to 350 bars of pressure, or 600 bars if operated in series. All pumps are configured with an oil-filled motor mounted on top and the pump section at the bottom, in a vertical configuration. The pump and motor are fully encapsulated in a pressure housing designed for water depths of up to 3,000 m and pressures of up to 15,000 psi. The compact design is ideal for subsea installation and retrieval by light vessels.

Wetmate power connectors are mated during installation of the pumps, and process inlets and outlets are made up by two clamp connectors operated by standard ROV tooling.

Installation & Commissioning, Services

Multiphase Subsea Pump

Hybrid Subsea Pump

Single-Phase Subsea Pump

Use for single-phase applications or low gas volume fractions.

Subsea Power Systems

Subsea Multimanifold

FSS Single-Pump Subsea Station

FDS Dual-Pump Subsea Station

Subsea Umbilicals

Subsea Intervention Tools

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