Subsea Multiphase Wet Gas Compressor

Integrated unit for unprocessed wellstream

The OneSubsea multiphase wet gas compressor is a counter-rotating multiphase compressor, based on a well-proven hydraulic and mechanical design for boosting the pressure of an unprocessed wellstream. The integrated unit is fully encapsulated and ideal for subsea applications with a compact design, eliminating the need for an auxiliary anti-surge control system, inter-cooler, or inlet scrubber.

The three main parts are the upper electric motor, compressor section, and lower electric motor. A barrier fluid system is used to provide overpressure protection, lubrication, and continuous cooling of critical parts during all modes of operation. All process, electrical power, auxiliary, and instrumentation connections are well-proven components, used in more than 25 subsea pumping projects worldwide.

Slug handling

  • The multiphase compressor can tolerate 100% liquid without mechanical disintegration (i.e., slugs will be damped and transported through the compressor without interrupting operation).
  • The unit includes a simple upstream flow conditioner that suppresses slugs and provides a homogenous feed to the compressor—no complex and costly preprocessing equipment is required.

High efficiency and reliability

  • High efficiency in high gas/liquid ratio (GLR) applications (verified up to 85% polytropic efficiency at 98%–100% gas)
  • High-reliability design, with no surge or minimum flow limitations
  • High pressure ratio possible because of ”positive density effect”
  • High efficiency and low discharge temperature through interstage mixing and cooling
  • Sand-tolerant design and surge-free operation because of low specific blade loading

Multiphase Compressor

multiphase compressor
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