OneSubsea Processing Systems

Processing Systems

Separation, processing and metering systems to increase efficiency of subsea developments

OneSubsea offers unique, field-proven turn-key solutions to enhanced recovery systems for subsea oil and gas developments worldwide. Drawing on more than thirty years of experience in subsea processing, boosting and multiphase metering, our systems have been developed to meet increasing market requirements to facilitate and enhance oil recovery in deep-, ultra-deepwater and long-offset environments. We provide a unique combination of   in-house knowledge and expertise covering all the key elements, from pump design, subsea station designs, controls and power system solutions to topside power and control modules – all on the premise of the reservoir. 

Our pump, meter and multiphase compressor systems can be applied as standalone solutions or as part of our total field offering. 

Subsea processing is one of the most effective technologies used by operators to increase reservoir recovery. The traditional approach to subsea processing has been the installation of multiphase pumps in close proximity to the wells. Subsea multiphase and single-phase pumping improves the economics by reducing backpressure on the reservoirs, thus increasing well flow rates and total recoverable reserves. Our portfolio of proven, reliable systems has successfully increased production rates from 30% to 100% for operators.

OneSubsea has been operating in the subsea processing arena longer than any other company in the world.

Subsea Pumps & Subsea Systems

Multiphase Compressor

The world's first and only true subsea wet gas compressor

Subsea Multiphase Meters & Measurement Systems

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Subsea Separation

Efficient and reliable phase and fluid separation.