Diamould Electric Connectors

Advanced solutions for hostile environments

Our cost-effective  Diamould  electric connectors are designed and manufactured primarily for use in hostile environments, both subsea and downhole. We provide innovative engineering solutions that use advanced materials, including polymers and elastomers, for high-performance applications.

The product offering includes dry- and wet-mateable connectors, most of them suitable for deepwater and HPHT wellhead and downhole applications (some are H2S/CO2 resistant). These products combine high operational performance with repeatability and reliability.

With more than 20 years of experience, our highly-skilled design engineers provide leading-edge design and development expertise—from concept through to detailed design, qualification testing, and into production.

OneSubsea Diamould Power Connectors

A range of single and three-phase power connectors that provide reliable subsea and downhole connections.

OneSubsea Diamould Tree Instrumentation Connectors

Reliable and corrosion-resistant low-voltage instrumentation connectors for intelligent completions and downhole monitoring systems.