• Schlumberger Announces Agreement to Acquire Cameron

    The agreement enables the integration of reservoir and well technology with wellhead and surface technology to improve performance and increase reservoir recovery.

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  • Industry-Trusted Products

    Our field-proven products, combined with decades of experience and engineering innovation, have helped to ensure that the product range is designed to provide technically and functionally superior production systems for field developments worldwide.

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  • Learn More About the Subsea Services Alliance

    The Subsea Services Alliance combines the expertise and capabilities of Helix Energy Solutions, OneSubsea and Schlumberger to provide a unique offering, integrating marine support with well access equipment and control technologies.

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OneSubsea is a one of a kind company, created by two subsea leaders: Cameron and Schlumberger. From reservoir to subsea to surface, we apply more knowledge. More technologies. More services. We deliver premier processing boosting and lifting. Unrivaled flow assurance. And world-class subsea production systems. Everything to optimize the life of your field.
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